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Introducing the ISLA Best Practice Handbook! Based on the findings and outputs of various working groups and ISLA-led initiatives, the ISLA Best Practice Handbook allows members and non-members to access general and topic specific guidance pertaining to the securities lending market. Their objective is to assist firms in the implementation of sound policies and processes within the relevant area. (Please note that ONLY General Securities Lending Best Practice is available to non-members).

Each book herein is dynamic, expanding through chapters, sections and sub-sections. All relevant content can be found within specific paragraph headings.

In due course, all content from current and legacy ISLA best practice documents (including ‘SFTR: Corporate Actions Best Practice’ and other SFTR-related best practice documents found within the SFTR section) will be migrated to the Handbook.

If you would like to raise any queries on the content, or have suggestions, please use the email icon provided.

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