Securities Lending Market Data

Understanding current trends and emerging themes across the securities lending markets, is integral to the work of the Association. Securities lending market data therefore provides a unique window into the world of our members alongside the broader industry, allowing us to make more informed decisions about the Associations upcoming priorities and focus.

Working in collaboration with various securities lending data partners, the following graphs and metrics provide a quarterly snapshot of the global securities lending market.

In analysis of this dataset, ISLA also publishes the ISLA Securities Lending Market Report, a biannual review of the past six months. The latest edition of the report, alongside a range of industry guides on securities lending and financing, can be found on our Multilingual & Regional Industry Guides page.

As part of our ISLA Membership types and benefits, we provide regular updates on key industry developments and explain how they may impact your business, including access to member-only content.

We would like to thank DataLend, FIS, S&P Global, as well as our triparty data providers JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, Clearstream and Euroclear for their continued support in providing this data. Data last updated 30 September 2022.

In collaboration with a range of member firms,  ISLA is delighted to have published a quarterly commentary is the first of a new series entitled ISLA Digest. Representing agent lenders and borrowers, we look at some of the recent trends and driving forces behind securities lending market activity. To read the latest ISLA Digest click here.



i Global cash vs non-cash on-loan balances.

Global Collateral On-Loan (Cash vs Non-Cash)

Non-Cash Collateral On-Loan (Bn €)

Cash Collateral On-Loan (Bn €)

  • Non-Cash Collateral
  • Cash Collateral


% Reported as Pledge


% of Loan Volume Reported as Dual Sided

  • DTCC EU, Regis-TR, KDPW

% Split between UK and EU

  • EU
  • UK

Other Data

Percentage of Government Bonds that Qualify as HQLA

80 %

Data Source

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