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The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) working groups are the engine room of the Association. This is where industry challenges are raised, issues debated, ideas conceived, and solutions sought. ISLA runs a variety of standing and topic-specific working groups for its members, covering all aspects of advocacy, tax, legal, regulation and best practice. Members can access minutes, and will be able to see upcoming meetings, on the relevant working group page. Learn more about our membership benefits here.

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ISLA Competition Law Compliance Statement

ISLA is committed to compliance with competition law and has Competition Law Compliance Guidelines in place for its staff and members with respect to their participation in the activities of ISLA.

Competition law prohibits anti-competitive agreements, including the sharing of commercially sensitive information such as pricing, sales information and internal strategies and business plans.

Acting through a trade association does not alter the way in which competition law applies. As ISLA includes members who are competitors, it is important to ensure that their participation in ISLA complies with competition law at all times. Members should also comply with their own organisations’ competition law compliance policies.

All ISLA staff and members have a responsibility to ensure that they understand and remain compliant with competition law, not only in formal meetings and working groups, but in informal meetings, social events and other interactions between members.

ISLA staff and members should comply with ISLA’s Competition Law Compliance Guidelines when participating in ISLA’s activities. Any questions regarding competition law in relation to ISLA’s activities or any concerns about discussions between members should be reported in confidence to Lee Davidson, ISLA Chief Operating Officer and members should also seek independent legal advice.

Please click here to access the ISLA Competition Law Compliance Policy & Guidelines document.


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Working Groups & Minutes