Settlement Fails & Efficiency Survey

To continue our preparation for the CSDR Settlement Disciplines in February 2022, ISLA’s Market Practice Steering Group ask that members complete the following survey regarding settlement fails and practises.

The survey is intentionally brief, designed to gather a broad overview of our operating procedures. This overview will then highlight and steer our priorities towards those aspects of market operation that require further focus. The survey will remain open to market participants until 12 March 2021

Responses will be aggregated and anonymised before being shared with the Market Practice Steering Group on 25 March 2021The results will therefore provide a starting point for settlement efficiency proposals and discussions.

More information on the ISLA CSDR: Settlement Discipline Impact to Securities Lending can be found here.

Registration to the Market Practice Steering Group, and further details on other ISLA working groups can be found here. If you have any questions, or require any assistance completing the survey, please contact


Settlement Fails & Efficiency

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