Clause Library & Taxonomy

Contractual documentation underpins day to day trading activity in our market, from master agreements such as the GMSLA that are signed at the start of a relationship, to any bespoke trade-by-trade confirmations agreed bilaterally between counterparties.

The Clause Library & Taxonomy Subgroup is looking to align variant terms in ISLA’s securities lending documentation, creating standardised business outcomes which will support links between legal documentation and the CDM architecture.

Any latest working group minutes can be found below. Further updates can be found in ISLA Clause Library & Taxonomy

Frequency: Weekly (To restart in 2022)
Requirement: Member firms can apply to join the group, however regular attendance active participation in relevant meetings is a prerequisite (ISLA reserves the right to modify attendance based on the current composition).

By clicking here you can see the current list of upcoming meetings. Don’t see a meeting currently planned? Check back – we update our list of upcoming meetings every week.


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