ISLA Publishes SFTR Report Modeller

LONDON, Wednesday 27 November 2019  – The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA), is delighted to announce the publication of its report modeller for SFTR.

The modeller has been designed to allow ISLA members to construct an example report to simulate the expected output of any SBL transaction, for any lifecycle event, and illustrated in the RTS format using ESMA’s latest VR standards (October 31, 2019 release).

The interactive nature of this spreadsheet allows members to select one of the preordained trade scenarios, identifying their business model and trade type. The logic within the modeller prompts users to systematically work through the report via data input or list-box selection. In-built governance will indicate if there are any population or formatting errors, prompting users to make the necessary amendments prior to completion.

Richard Colvill, ISLA SFTR Project Lead commented, “We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that allows ISLA members the ability to produce a full range of sample reports and see the manifestation of the SFTR in ESMA’s recognised RTS format. Feedback received to-date has been very positive and we hope this will be a useful tool to help our members deliver their project obligations.”

To download the modeller, please click here.

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