New Digital Assets Technology Explanatory Notes

ISLA is delighted to announce the publication of new explanatory notes on our website dedicated to Digital Assets Technology, and how the latest and most relevant topics in this space relate to securities lending and financing markets.

Current topics in the series, which can now be found within Digital & Fintech, include smart contracts, distributed ledgers, and blockchain, whilst upcoming editions will cover cryptocurrencies, tokenisation, crypto-custody, and many more!

In other Digital-related updates and developments, a comprehensive list of digital terms and associated definitions can be viewed in on our recently enhanced Glossary page.

ISLA members are also reminded that the CDM Working Group has recently reconvened and we have just launched a new Digital Asset Working Group. The group will produce practical output for members when considering the digital asset space in relation to both lending and collateral.

View the Digital Assets Technology page where you can read, and download, the explanatory notes.

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