ISLA Publishes Securities Borrowing & Lending Guide: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

ISLA Publishes Securities Borrowing & Lending Guide: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

ISLA is pleased to publish the first of its Securities Borrowing & Lending Guides. This inaugural guide focuses on the SBL market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Written alongside ISLA members, working groups and with strategic counsel from Latham & Watkins, this guide provides members with market leading insights to help develop a common understanding and interpretation of the SBL market in Saudi Arabia.

There is no denying that Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region offers fertile growth opportunities for new businesses. This is particularly true for the Financial Services and Capital Markets sector which will no doubt benefit from the drive to develop stronger market structures and diversified economies.

This growth also paves the way for the SBL market to provide continued support for a deep, liquid capital market while also aligning to the Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Economic Vision growth and diversification ambitions.

Over the remainder of 2024, ISLA will look to publish several country-specific guides for key jurisdictions, providing members and wider market participants with an overview of the current SBL market as well as a detailed view of current regulatory and market frameworks and an outlook of netting legislation in each respective country. The guides also include an annex which sets out various scenarios for engaging in SBL activities in accordance with the specific regulatory framework.

ISLA members can download the report from here.

To find out more about ISLA’s focus on the Middle East, read here.

Please note, the Securities Borrowing & Lending guide is currently only available to ISLA member organisations (to find out more about ISLA’s membership offering please contact )

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