ISLA & PASLA Addendums & Country Annexes Explained

ISLA is pleased to announce the publication of a new overview document entitled ISLA & PASLA Addendums & Country Annexes Explained a guide detailing the scope of the currently published addendums and annexes for the Asian markets.

Published jointly by ISLA and PASLA, these documents support the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (GMSLA) documentation suite, and can be used for specific securities or with counterparties incorporated in the jurisdictions covered. ISLA members can access all of the documents in the Addendums & Country Annexes section of the ISLA website. The documents are also available to PASLA members on the ISLA & PASLA website.

Click here to download the ISLA & PASLA Addendums & Country Annexes Explained document for a high-level summary of the annexes and addendums that modify the GMSLA 2010.

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