ISLA Announces Formation of Three New Steering Groups

ISLA working groups are the engine room of the Association. This is where industry challenges are raised, issues debated, ideas conceived, and solutions sought. ISLA runs a variety of standing and topic-specific working groups for its members, covering all aspects of advocacy, tax, legal, regulation and best practice.

To address the additional regulatory, digital and associated market practice changes our industry is experiencing, we are pleased to announce the formation of three new steering groups. These groups will have a broader scope than the topic-specific groups and subgroups currently in operation, allowing them to work on or setup focus groups by topic.

Regulatory Steering Group (RSG) – To discuss all regulatory matters pertaining to the EMEA region, with an overview of the work done by subgroups covering CSDR, SRD II, SFTR, ESG and Taxation. This group is especially relevant for members that work in compliance or advocacy departments, and for the first meeting will include all members of the existing related groups or subgroups.

Market Practice Steering Group (MPSG) – With a scope of all loan-related market practices, including an oversight of the work of the Best Practice, Corporate Actions, Performance Measurement, ESG and New Markets working groups. This group is especially relevant for operations and front office staff, and for the first meeting will include all members of the existing related groups or subgroups.

Collateral Management Steering Group (CMSG) – This group will consider legal, regulatory, best practice and structural architecture of collateral practices. Members should join this group if they manage collateral, especially tri-party agents, vendors and collateral managers.

Further details of these groups as well as the structure of our working groups and streams can be found here.

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