ICSF Publishes First Position Paper

Following the launch of the ISLA Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF), the group is pleased to announce the publication of its first position paper, Making Sense of Sustainable Securities Lending & Short Selling During the COVID-19 Crisis.

The ISLA Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF) recognises the severity of the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and believes that by demonstrating a collective commitment to the sustainability agenda, we can stimulate the market and increase investor confidence.

The paper therefore considers the positive mechanisms that are securities lending and short selling, set against a backdrop of the Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending (PSSL).

As ICSF is uniquely positioned to combine finance with sustainability, it can contribute to this debate with fresh ideas. It commits to working with regulators so as to demonstrate the potential for PSSL to help with market recovery, strengthen global markets, encourage diversity and inclusion, and reinforce the overall sustainable finance agenda.

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