Event Highlight: Unlocking Liquidity Through Securities Lending – Spain, Saudi & Beyond…

The support for new markets and the search to unlock new liquidity is at the heart of securities lending.

Moderated by Ed Oliver (Managing Director, Product, eSeclending and Member of the PASLA Board), this new panel session at ISLA’s 28th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference will look at the role that securities lending plays in the provision of global market liquidity.

Panellists Harpreet Bains (Executive Director, Agent Lending Global Product Head, J.P. Morgan), Benoit Dethier (Director, Iberia Head of Business Development, Citi Securities Services), Mathew McDermott (Global Head of Cross Asset Financing, Goldman Sachs) and Boaz Yaari (CEO, Sharegain) will provide their own unique experiences and perspectives to this debate; considering new lender types such as UCITS, including Spanish domiciled funds, new investor markets such as Saudi Arabia and China, and finally alternative routes to market using more capital efficient structures. The arrival of Uncleared Margin Rules in 2020 will only heighten the demand to access relevant liquidity, highlighting the importance of this topic to the broader investment community.

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Note: Online registrations will close on 11 June 2019.

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