Agenda Highlight: The Developing ESG Agenda, and its Impacts on the Institutional Investor Landscape

Wherever we look across today’s investment landscape, the rising prominence and importance of the sustainability agenda is clear. This final presentation and panel session on Wednesday 19th June, at ISLA’s 28th Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference will provide some introductory perspectives on the topic of Environmental, Sustainable & Governance; background and scope, as well as the implications for investors, policy makers, and the wider investment community.

We are delighted to have Dr Radek Stech (Founder & CEO, Sustainable Finance, the LAw & Stakeholders (SFLS), University of Exeter Law School) as our guest speaker, with the following panel discussion led by Jane Gimber (Account Director, Financial Services Practice FleishmanHillard). She will be joined by Xavier Bouthors (Senior Portfolio Manager NN Investment Partners), Rene Nikolodi (Head of Equities & Themes and Swisscanto Invest by Zurcher Kantonalbank) and Nicholas Firzli (Director-General, World Pensions Council).

This group is uniquely qualified to look at the rolling impacts of ESG, and will consider how as investors we think about reconciling the broad aims of ESG and effective portfolio management, with those normally associated with securities lending programmes. They will debate the short term issues associated with the provision of efficient market liquidity, to allow investors to trade in and out of these funds whilst mobilising them for securities lending purposes.

Looking further out, they will consider how retail investors, notably the millennial generation is driving longer term structural change within the fund management industry.

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