EC Publishes CMU Action Plan Roadmap

On 7 July, and following the recent publication of the final report on the High-level Forum (HLF) on the Capital Markets Union, the European Commission has published a roadmap for the Action Plan on CMU.

The HLF, an expert group composed of highly experienced industry executives and top international experts and scholars, was formed in order to feed into the work on the future CMU policies. This includes proposals for targeted policy recommendations for future CMU actions, as well as to ensure that citizens and businesses can access capital markets across the EU on equal terms, irrespective of their geographical location.

The roadmap sets out the general direction of travel for the Action Plan, with the EC outlining the following as its main objectives:

– Improving the ecosystem for raising capital

– Strengthening the efficiency of pan-EU capital markets architecture

– Encouraging retail investor participation

– Encouraging cross-border investment 

This roadmap will be open for feedback for 4 weeks, with the Action Plan due to be formally adopted in Q3 2020.

Full details can be found here

For details of all expected EU developments over the coming 2 to 3 years, as well as a table summarising the key priorities that have changed in light of COVID-19, please visit the ISLA website or click here


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