Event Highlight: Navigating a ‘New Europe’

Today’s economic and geo-political landscape appears to deliver a daily dose of drama, twists and turns; with Europe being at the very centre of much of the debate.

With ‘the can’ that is Brexit kicked further down the road, the UK focused on choosing its next government and leader, and elections across the rest of Europe changing the dynamics of power within the European Parliament, the Navigating a ‘New Europe’ session at ISLA’s 28th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference will look to make sense of it all.

Moderated by Andy Hill (Senior Director, Market Practice and Regulatory Policy, ICMA), and with panellist’s, Matthias Graulich (Deutsche Boerse Group), Dr. Sven Kasper (State Street Bank and Trust Company), James Knightley (ING) and Graeme Perry (BNP Paribas); the group will consider these very different drivers for change and attempt to answer a number of leading questions. Is Brexit symptomatic of a broader breakdown in western liberal order, and what does that mean for multinational organisations such as the EU? How do the recent EU elections impact the composition of the European Parliament, and what might that mean for the development of the capital markets across the remaining 27?
Finally, the panel will consider the so-called 4th industrial revolution, and where key themes such as fintech, AI, data management and sustainability sit within this wider debate. How do we have to evolve our thinking to realise opportunities in the future?

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