ISLA AGM & 13th Annual Post Trade Conference

  • 1 November 2023
  • London, UK

Settlement discipline and driving efficiencies throughout the post trade process have never been more important and have moved from the realms of a back-office utility to being front and centre of the political debate, as economies jostle for competitive advantage in a post-Brexit world. In the wake of the meme stock crisis, where the two-day settlement cycle was blamed by some for adding risk into the system, the US announced earlier this year that it was moving to T+1 in 2024. This was closely followed by the UK and Europe.

This year’s agenda will focus on post-trade and operations groups’ activities and priorities, as they continue to grapple with outdated and fundamentally flawed processes, partly due to historic under-investment, but now set against a backdrop of a political will to see a greater pace of change. At the same time, having to manage the day-to-day complexities associated with the implementation of regulatory frameworks such as Basel, as well as changes in behaviour around a developing tax agenda.

Can we build a post trade eco-system that truly supports the aspirations of our respective businesses, yet satisfies the demands of the politicians? Could imposing a T+1 settlement on our markets further compound these endemic problems? Could technology in all its forms yet underpinned by industry standards drive the solutions we are looking for?

ISLA will be delivering its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1 November 2023, as part of its 13th Annual Post Trade Conference. The AGM will reflect upon much of the work the Association has carried out over the past twelve months. 

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