ISLA AGM & 12th Annual Post Trade Conference

  • 1 November 2022
  • London, UK

The ISLA Annual Post Trade Conference has become a point of continuity over the years.

In preparation for CSDR, the securities lending and financing markets focussed more urgently on causes and solutions to challenges associated with operational efficiency. With endemic inefficient practices now resulting in penalties, however, attention of the market and national competent authorities across Europe on transaction efficiency, has begun to intensify.

At this year’s conference, the first since the implementation of the settlement discipline regime across the EU, we will be exploring why settlement finality continues to be an enduring enigma. Against the backdrop of the trade life cycle, the agenda will go ‘back to basics’ and look specifically at key functions such as connectivity, settlement, and collateral, to understand the root causes of the structural rigidity that is holding back the industry, and whether the call to digital arms is the ultimate solution.

This year’s event will once again be focused primarily on groups and individuals involved in the daily operational and post trade flows associated with the securities finance business. An interesting mix of keynote presentations, industry updates, and panel discussions; all designed to explore the various business and regulatory drivers affecting the post trade environment and how they might shape the future.

ISLA will be delivering its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1 November 2022, as part of its 12th Annual Post Trade Conference. The AGM will reflect upon much of the work the Association has carried out over the past twelve months. 



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