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Status: Under Review, Last Updated: 07/08/2020

Counterparties should ensure certain levels of operational information are discussed and shared before beginning to transact with each other.

The following list represents an indicative grouping of data points which should be exchanged between new trading counterparts. It is recommended that notification procedures be arranged to ensure data is current in addition to a semi-annual review.

Please note that to support SFTR, a counterparty questionnaire has been published by the SFTR Working Group that can be found under the heading of Questionnaires

  • Governing E.g. legal documentation

  • Collateral - E.g. schedule, type, margin, currency

  • Markets to be traded - E.g. dividend rates, SSIs

  • Billing - E.g. frequency, CCY, SSIs, margin

  • Vendor platform functionality - E.g. contract compare, billing, returns, marks

  • Marking - E.g. frequency, rounding

  • Returns - E.g. return restrictions, cut-off times

Please note that some firms utilise vendor solutions to support many of the above data points. Counterparties should communicate their use of vendor platforms, or provide alternatives where one counterpart does not use the same platform. (IBP-110)


Status: Under Review, Last Updated: 28/01/2022

Agent Lender Disclosure
Where one counterpart represents multiple legal entities, the underlying legal counterpart should be communicated to the other party either on initial negotiation or via an agreed disclosure process. That disclosure may need to be repeated on a daily basis in support of reallocation or regulatory obligations of one party. (IBP-297)


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