Digital & Fintech

Innovation through technology is reshaping the way financial markets operate. FinTech, a term used to broadly describe these emerging technologies and solutions, brings together varied concepts and ideas under a single banner.

ISLA is working actively with its members and other key industry stakeholders to better understand these developing technologies and how they may change our industry. Our aim is to foster the right balance between innovation and ensuring financial stability and safety for market participants.

ISLA’s engagement is primarily centred around the development of common standards for technological innovation through Common Domain Models (CDMs) and the digitalisation of our master agreements and equivalent documentation. This work will also logically embrace how these developments will change market best practice and operating protocols across the industry and bring the benefits of these initiatives into the mainstream of our markets.

For more information on this and ways in which we are looking at technology to standardise and bring efficiencies to our markets, visit the ISLA Clause Library & Taxonomy page.