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ETRM - Termination Date vs. Maturity Date:

ETRM - Termination Date vs. Maturity Date:


Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 15/02/2024

ETRM - Termination Date vs. Maturity Date:

1. Termination date is not a reportable value via a MODI (modification) via the trade validation rules, and, as an ETRM cannot be reported on a future date it’s not possible to amend the termination date i.e. once an ETRM is reported, you can’t move it forward via an ETRM and you can’t amend it via a MODI therefore that date of termination is finalised.
2. Its important to highlight that once a trade has been terminated or matured parties (borrowers) risk being unable to back-report historic lifecycles so should incorporate this in decision making when considering best approach moving forward.
3. Table 2 within the level III guidelines show it is possible to do a MODI post an ETRM action type, however, it depends on what field you are modifying and as mentioned the ETRM - Termination field cannot be modified.

Best Practice:


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