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Trade State Report Summary:

Trade State Report Summary:


Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 15/02/2024

TSR - Trade State Report priority - In short:

Where firms can get a replayed post outage NEWT report submitted on the same day as their cpty and in both cases where the ED is one day prior to the RD or even if the ED is greater than 1 day prior to the RD and, where firms can send a MODI with an ED that is only +1 day prior to the RD - this will bring the TSR up to date, will allow for pairing, matching and be presented for reconciliation to take place from that date.

· Historical NEWTs will appear on TSR and Reconciliation and TAR
· Historical MODI/CORR will NOT appear on TSR and Reconciliation BUT will appear in TAR.
· MODI/CORRs with T+1 logic intact will appear on TSR and Reconciliation and TAR

Best Practice:


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