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Type of Re-Invested Cash Investment

Type of Re-Invested Cash Investment

Field 4.12 | Matching Date: n/a | Tolerance: n/a>

Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 26/04/2021

Field 4.12 | Matching Date: n/a | Tolerance: n/a

Type of re-investment

Best Practice:
If Field 4.6 (Type of Collateral Component) is populated with "CASH", at least one code pertaining to the type of reinvested cash investment should be provided, of which there are five options (x4 alphabetical characters), else it should be left blank:

  • MMFT

  • OCMP

  • REPM

  • SDPU

  • OTHR

Where cash has been reinvested on behalf of clients the type of reinvestment vehicle needs to be defined.

If cash collateral of the same currency for an individual client has been reinvested in multiple types (i.e. across Repo, MMFT etc on behalf of a client), then the cash values that are being reported will need to be split appropriately. This will create separate NEWT and REUU reports for each 'type' (see Field 4.18 Action Type). (SFTR-131)


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