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Calculation of Margin

Calculation of Margin

Exposure Calculation>

Status: Under Review, Last Updated: 14/12/2020

Exposure Calculation
The calculation of exposure should follow the below formula:

If Collateral Type = Cash then
Loan Value = ((LoanQuantity * SecurityPrice)*Margin%) * FXRate)
If Collateral Type = Non-Cash then
Exposure = Loan Value - ((CollateralQuantity*SecurityPrice)Haircut% FXRate)

(a) Margin% may be dependent on factors such as asset class, credit rating, liquidity, loan ccy vs cash collateral currency. Margin% must be bilateral agreed.
(b) Margin% is not usually applied to non-cash collateralised transactions. However, it may be used in cases where Tri-Party agent applies Haircut% to collateral and cannot know factors such as cross currency exposure between loan & collateral
(c) FXRate should be previous close-of-business see Asset Price
(d) Please note the formula for billing IBP-157 (IBP-163)


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