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Reporting Dates

Reporting Dates


- Typically, corporate actions for SFTs are either booked on the announced Ex-Date or Pay Date, with the Trade and Settlement dates in-line with the Pay Date of the event.

- As SFTR reporting is driven by T+1, firms reporting different trade dates, will cause single sided breaks at the TR between the booking times.

Best Practice

- Regardless of internal booking practices: one constant is that the pay date for all in-scope event types, for all markets, is the settlement date of the loan or SFT.

- It is therefore the agreed best practice, to follow normal booking procedures, but adjust the SFTR reporting fields: 2.3 "Event Date" and 2.13 "Value Date" to both equal the Pay Date.

- This practice does not require firms to amend their individual booking process, just to report alike on the corporate action activity. Example: (Click here to view) (COAC-130 FOR ISLA REVIEW)


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