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Overall Scope and Plan Define Corporate Actions Universe

Overall Scope and Plan Define Corporate Actions Universe



Best Practice

Define Corporate Actions Universe

- Form a distinct list of all Corporate Actions Align with the ISO 15022 (SWIFT) and 20022 (STP) standards

- Determine attributes and effects of each CA on SFTsStratify the CAs into clusters by their effects on SFTs & booking models- Review groups of CAs which can be processed similarly - Identify CAs which have no material effect on SFTs

- Agree the booking model methodology for each cluster

- Define the SFTR reports that each cluster of CAs affectAgree a best practice under SFTR, for each CA Cluster

- Agree on specific booking models, that enable SFTR compliant reporting

- Determine best practice for processing and communicating CAs on SFTs

Connect the SFTR Corporate Actions Working Groups (CA WGs) output with wider industry standards and ensure best practice alignment

- Engage with the Securities Lending industry to form a non SFTR specific corporate actions working group (COAC-123 FOR ISLA REVIEW)


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