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Full or Partial Return

Full or Partial Return


Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 28/01/2022

The following corporate actions require a full or partial return.

NOOF1 - Non-Official Offer
BIDS - Repurchase Offer
BPUT - Buy Back
DRAW - Drawing
DTCH - Dutch Auction
PCAL - Partial Redemption Without Pool Factor Reduction
PDEF - Prefunding
TEND1 - Tender
TEND2 - Takeover for Shares

Best Practice:
All events that which require a full or partial return will require full closing out (reported via an ETRM) or partial close out of an SFT (reported via a MODI).

None of the events in this cluster of Corporate Actions (CA) will necessitate a new SFT booking. Some of these CAs will require an exchange or reduction of the collateral, if the collateral security is the subject of the CA. These will be reported via the daily COLU report. (COAC-120)


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