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Return and New Trade

Return and New Trade


Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 28/01/2022

The following corporate actions require a full return and new trade booked.

DETI - Detachment
EXOF1 - Exchange
EXOF2 - Exchange (Voluntary)
EXRI - Call on Intermediate Securities
EXWA - Warrant Exercise
MRGR - Merger
NOOF2 - Non-Official Offer
PARI - Pari Passu
SPLF - Stock Split
SPLR - Reverse Stock Split

Best Practice:
All events within this cluster require either:

  • Full closing out of an SFT to be reported via an ETRM

  • Partial close out of an SFT to be reported via a MODI

  • A new SFT to be booked in addition to the existing trade, which is reported under a NEWT template

  • Some of these corporate actions may trigger a resulting value change of the SFT (these will be reported via the daily COLU report) (COAC-119)


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