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Event Announcement - Mandatory Corporate Action

Event Announcement - Mandatory Corporate Action


Status: Best Practice Finalised, Last Updated: 28/01/2022

On the announcement of a mandatory corporate actions event, specific preliminary checks should be undertaken.

Best Practice:
Event details may be received from various vendor sources. As these events cover capital structures that must take place, emphasis should be placed on preliminary checks to ensure there are no restrictions/terms that would require the recall of the loan position before the entitlement date.

Counterparties should ensure they are aware of any specific market nuances or laws that may impact the Corporate event management.

  • Key dates should be reviewed and monitored for entitlement-1 or entitlement date, depending on the market.

  • Positions should be fully reconciled between parties prior to record date.

  • If any difference is identified in the information the identifying party should raise it with their counterparty immediately. (COAC-105)


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